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Shipping and Payment

Find out about the payment methods available on our site and how these services work.

Payment Modes

In our store you can pay by credit card and cash on delivery.

Credit card payment

Card payment is free. During your credit card payment, Payvision.com, your bank or your credit card company may charge additional handling fees. The bankcard data will not be transferred to multilady.net. In case of a successful payment, the order will be marked ""Paid""


In case of cash on delivery, the customer pays the price of the product and the delivery cost if there is in cash when the goods are delivered. At delivery, credit card purchases are no longer possible.


The delivery of products is carried out by courier service. You are informed about the delivery time in the webshop during the checkout process, and it is also stated I the confirmation e-mail. You can consult about the date of delivery on the phone number given in the confirmation e-mail.

The purchased product is shipped to every area in Czech Republic. At present, we can only accept domestic orders. To receive the ordered product, the costumer can choose from the following options:

Delivery (1-2 business days)

Shipping fee: (Including VAT)

The product will be delivered by ……….to the given address, within 1-2 working days. Delivery is done on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm. The courier will try to deliver the order twice to the specified address. If the package is not signed for on the second attempt, the package will be returned to us. Before delivering your package, email and SMS (if you have a mobile phone number for your order or registration) will be sent. You will receive the estimated delivery time (3-hour time) and the courier's phone number by SMS / email. You will be able to change the delivery date with the courier. To inquire about the whereabouts of your package, contact your courier service at ……………or enter your tracking number here: …………………….

In case of credit card or bank transfer payments, upon receipt, the customer must certify his/her identity to the courier. If the customer does not want to sign for the package personally, you must give authorization to the person who can get it.

In case of cash on delivery, another person can sign for the package without written authorization. In this case, you need to know at least two of the details of the package (customer name, webshop name, product name, total amount, bar code) to be accurately identified.


If the webshop fails to fulfill its contractual obligations because the products are not available, or can not provide the ordered service, it is obliged to inform the customer about it. The webshop does not contract with minors. The customer declares that he is major by accepting the Term and Conditions.