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Shopping process

It has never been so easy to buy health! Learn how of our website works learn about the ordering process!

Whenever you decide on health, you can quickly and easily make your order online, anywhere and anytime. There is no bigger treasure than health, and women have to take special care of themselves, as when you have a family, children and a job it is impossible to call in sick. Therefore, we have developed a system for you to easily do your purchase without having to leave your home.

Let us go through the online order phases below and you'll see how easy it is to do it! If you've decided that it's time for your health, visit our webshop where you can start shopping right away.

1. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase and then place the item in your cart

If you want to enjoy the benefits of MultiLady, then you have nothing else to do but order the health and we bring it to your home. You can order MultiLadyt directly from our homepage or from our webshop IDE .

First, specify the quantity you want to order. One box of MultiLady contains 60 pills, so it contains exactly one monthly dose of dietary supplement.

If you want to order more monthly dose of MultiLady, you can change the amount in the box beside the basket. (For example, if you would like to order a 3-month dose at the same time, you'll need to put 3 in the box next to the product.)

When you're done, press the button and the product will automatically be placed in your cart.

Once the product has been placed in your cart, this will be indicated on the right, underneath a pop-up green field message. By clicking this box, we'll direct you to the Order page, where you can complete your purchase in a few easy steps.

If you still browse our site, you can view your Shopping Cart content at the top right corner of the web site at any time by clicking the Shopping Cart button and you can run the shopping process.

2. Cart

You can see the contents of your basket by item:

  • Product name and quantity,
  • shipping fee,
  • the total amount to be paid.

    If you want to modify the content of your cart, you can do it here. If you're okay with the content of your Shopping Cart, click Continue to continue shopping.

    3. Customer Data

    This page provides your, the customer information. Based on the information provided here, we will be able to determine the name and address of your invoice and we will know where to deliver the product.

    Normally, billing and shipping data are the same. If you would like to request shipping to another address, click on the pink dot under ""Send to the same address, please submit"" and fill out shipping information.

    When you are finished entering data, click Next.

    4. Payment Method

    On this page, you can choose how you want to pay for your order:

    • Cash on delivery: In this case you can pay for the product at the courier when the products are delivered. Please note that in case of cash on delivery, only cash payment is possible.
    • Online payment by credit card: Enjoy the benefits of card payments as online payment by credit card is free, fast an safe. In case of a successful payment, the order will be marked ""Paid"" so that you will have nothing else to do but sign for the product and enjoy its beneficial effects.

      5th Confirm

      Once you've selected your payment method, on the Confirmation page, you can check content of your cart again and please also check your billing and shipping details. Please make sure to double check the correctness of your data for successful delivery. If necessary, you can still modify them on this page.

      If everything is ok, you'll need to accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the checkbox next to it to complete your purchase successfully. You can also state here whether you intend to receive our promotions and news in the future via e-mail, SMS or postal mail. We promise that we will not bombard you with spam and try to share useful information, news, and good deals with you.

      If you chose Cash on Delivery as payment method, you can finalize your order with the Submit Order button.

      If you chose Credit Card, you will be redirected to Barion's secure online payment interface by clicking the Start Payment button.

      6th Finish

      Your purchase is verified on this site. You can read “successful purchase” if everything went well during your purchase and payment process.

      Here is your order identifier and the date of the order. You will soon receive a confirmation email from us at the given email address.

      Now you have nothing else to do, just sit back while our courier delivers you the product! Reward yourself with a little relaxation for choosing health because you are a truly far-seeing and responsible woman.